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Art Exhibitions

Discover creative spaces to host your art exhibit. These venues can also be utilized to present lectures, or host workshops giving your audience a deeply personal and emotive experience.
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Baby Showers

The right venue sets the tone which impacts the overall experience. These venues provide a myriad of wonderful options as you prepare to celebrate the expected birth of that wonderful bundle of joy.
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Backyard Parties

Sometimes all you need is the yard space. When hosting your Spring, Summer or Fall soirée, we've got some excellent options to choose from. Perfect for potlucks or upscale events, find your space here.
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A banquet is formal, fashionable and fun. With delicious food, lively entertainment and the company of awesome guests all you need is to choose one of these spaces to host your event.
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Boat Cruises

Celebrate your unforgettable occasion on the water. Treat your family, friends, employees or associates to an incredible experience whilst cruising on your private charter.
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Children Parties

Your little ones deserve to celebrate milestones. From the most exotic to the simplest themed party, these venues are able to accommodate the unbridled creativity of the most imaginative minds.
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Conference Rooms

Whether its a themed meeting, corporate social, global workshop or convention, these venues offer the space you need to compliment the nature of your event.
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Parking Lots

When roadside just won't do, select one of these lots to park your vehicle. Whether its for a special event or just to be a little closer to your destination.
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Photography Locations

Tired of the usual bland and boring backdrops? These venues provide the scenery that will compliment your smile in the most perfect way.
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Pool Parties

Just need a spot to chill, grille and splash around? These venues provide the best spots. Enjoy fun in the sun or dinner under the stars with your loved ones.
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Pop-ups are highly effective for burgeoning businesses. These venues allow entrepreneurs and companies to create unique brand experiences for all attendees.
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Private Island

How nice would it be to enjoy an entire island? These spots allow you and your best mates to celebrate in grand style; all to yourselves. It's the most epic version of V.I.P
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Retreat from the hustle and bustle, enter a space where you can be refreshed, refueled and refocused. Even if your goal is youth ministry or team building, these venues provide the complimentary setting.
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Sip & Paint

Be exuberant, live colorful, sip on a beverage or two. Enjoy the collage that is created when wine meets art. Your event can be private or shared with a group of enthusiasts.
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When tying the knot, you don't need any loose ends. Put the bow on your amazing day by celebrating your "I DO" or dancing into your forever at one of these fine venues.

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